I knew I found my calling in life when the first time that I picked up a piece of stone and began to carve the surface of it. There was something far beyond what I could explain. Something told me that the “Creator” had given me my gift for it felt right and it felt powerful. I will cherish, and be eternally grateful for this gift that was so freely given. That feeling has never left me, when I begin to carve, its ‘s like the “Creator” is continuing to guide me. My openness – my focus – is almost like a trance I listen to what the stone is saying to me, not in words, but with images that show me what to carve and where. In this manner, I create unique and original works of art . I get a feeling of overwhelming happiness and excitement when a piece is finished. Then, I can see that I am bringing each piece of stone to life… as thought it will soon breathe on its own. I carve what I see and what I sense. It is life giving to me and my heritage, but most of all: it gives expression to each piece of art, as though it has gained its own spirit, its own life.