Audrey Nanimahoo was born into the Cree Nation in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. As a small child Audrey always had a passion to sketch, but her Art ability lay dormant until early 2000 Nanimahoo then began painting folk art designs on stone and wood with acrylic paints. This eventually led to carving the wood creating an art form called intarsia which was not enough of an artistic challenge for her.

Audrey T. Nanimahoo has lived in the spectacular Selkirk and Monashee mountains of Revelstoke, British Columbia for the past fourteen years. Both Audrey and her husband share a passion for backcountry exploration. In 2002 they came across a deposit of unusual green soapstone. They tried to sell the stone through their landscaping company, but had no luck. Something within the stone called to Audrey to carve the stone. The stone responded by giving up the secrets locked within. “I believe that certain things are meant to be, I was guided to find this talent within myself and release it.”

Audrey loves to create carvings of bears, faces, wild animals, and spiritual native themes. She sees an image in the stone and releases it. “I love the feel of the stone and I go into a trance. When I see an image in the stone I can not stop until I see the master piece finished to perfection” Audrey works primarily in Soapstone, Serpentine, and Marble.

Her visions in stone are bringing Nanimahoo fame and recognition as a sculptor, including fist place award in the Kootenay Regional Arts Festival, first place award for best sculpture at Spokane Western Wildlife art show, and “Best of show” award held at the Western Showcase Sales Salon at the Calgary Stampede in July 2006, and first runner up at the Cherokee Art Market in Tulsa, Oklahoma in Oct 2006.

Audrey’s Sculptures are sought by private collectors around the world. Her pieces can be found in collections in England, Germany, Bolivia, Texas, Canada, and worldwide. One of her sculptures was given as a gift from the City Of Revelstoke, to the premier of British Columbia. Audrey Nanimahoo’s work is sold from her privately owned gallery in Revelstoke British Columbia Canada, which she and her husband opened in Dec 10, 2005 and is named Nanimahoo’s Native Art Gallery

is in Revelstoke BC. Audrey has since closed that gallery location down in Feb 2010. The city of Revelstoke has demanded that Audrey stop her carving career and was forced to leave Revelestoke BC.. She will be relocated in Malakwa BC, and Nanimahoo’s Native Art Gallery will be open for business once again, due to the popularity of the gallery.