Facts and Questions

Q: How long does it take for you to finish a piece of work?
A: I work on several pieces at one time so it is very difficult for me  to keep track of each particular piece of work. I did keep track of one piece called “Chief Dan George” out of curiosity sake and for the sake of this question being asked over and again I decided to keep track. Every time my chisel hit the stone I began to time myself; sort of like a job…time in, time out! I found that I not only lost interest in carving the piece, but it began to feel like a job that I didn’t want to be at. So after I finished at 580 hours, I decided that I would never keep track!

Q: How many pieces of work do you create at one time?
A: Up to 15 pieces at one time. though they  are mostly  in different stages, each stage of carving has a time staking process that I must go through…there is no hurrying.

Q: How do you create your work?
A: I see images in the stone, once I see the image of what the sculpture is going to be then I get into a trance until the sculpture is finished to completion. I have to be in a real of positive energy before I can see anything in the stone.

Q:  How do you know a piece of sculpture is finished?
A:  When there is no more work to do!

Q:  How many hours do you work in a day?
A:  10-15 hours sometime up to 15 depending on what stage I am working. If it’s the fine sanding stage then I usually won’t stop till it is complete!

Q:  How did you get started in your work?
A:  My husband Bill and I were out in the back country when we found a deposit of this serpentine stone. We hauled truck loads and truck loads of it out of the forest and tried to sell the raw stone and out of our exhaustion we couldn’t find a buyer! Then I asked my husband how to carve stone? He said he had a friend who used to carve and he handed me a hammer and chisel. I could see a small bear sitting in the stone; I immediately carved it out in a short time only 8 months later I won two awards on my third piece.

Q: How did you win your first prize?                                                                                                                                        A: I sent an email to all nations across Canada introducing myself as an aboriginal woman stone carver; finally I was asked to enter my art into an art competition in Cranbrook B.C . I won two awards on my  3rd piece only a short period of time after carving.

Q:  How long have you been carving for?
A:  August 2011 will be my ninth year anniversary of stone carving.

Q:  Have you ever won any awards?
A:  Yes! I won 7 awards one was Best of show at the Calgary Stampede 2006, best environmental at New York art Expo 2009, and honourable Mention at the Heard Museum Pheonex Arizon 2008.

Q:  Does your husband carve?
A:  No, he does not find any fascination in it and he only helps me with hauling and moving my art around. although being an art agent really keeps him busy.

Q:  Where else do you sell your work?
A: I only sell my work at various shows that I attend, and through my home gallery location.

Q: Do you sell at Galleries?
A: No, because I was turned down at year one and was told that my art wasn’t good enough to be displayed in their gallery. I decided back then that I would  only sell my art through myself or my own gallery.